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Experience Update

The problem with a Blog is that the date of the last post shows if there has been any activity. We have been very busy this last year or so and have completed a number of sites for older people who wanted to “Do their own thing” We will shortly be able to return to updating the site with more information.


Application Forms are ready

Individual and company forms

The individual application forms for individual’s and companies are now available. Please complete the appropriate form, you will be sent a confirmation email, which should be retained, as it contains all information required for your account.

Time to retire?

Time to retire? Not yet.

Have you every considered that retired people now make up a very substantial part of the voting population. They normally have an interest in their local community and country, and make an effort to vote. Just the type of  conscientious staff that companies need. It is time that retired people put pressure on their local MP, more support for elderly people, with a lifetime of experience and skills, willing to to help others. Retirement can be fun if you are healthy and have a reasonable income. If you are healthy but need a increased income, maybe the Experience Network can help. Time to retire is when you want to take it easy, for many people this is the day they stop living.


Perhaps a retired business community that met once month and offered to help any company, would also be a source of pride and provide help to boost incomes.

Local Business Banking

This is another idea which could help local people support each other and build a more integrated society.

Members DB under construction

The heart of the Experience Network is the members and customers database. This will take time to set-up and then new members can join.

Experience Network has been updated

Just starting on the new Experience Network site. Still deciding which is the right layout.