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A group of active retired peopleWelcome to the Experience Network. This site is still under development and new ideas are being tested. During this period, if you need to make contact, please use the Contact form in the menu bar.

It is common knowledge, that people are living longer, but in many cases, are forced to retire at the age of 65-67, or maybe if you were in the Police Force or Fire Service, after 30 years. Now it seems that 15% of the UK population will live to be 100. What to do with all these extra years?

You could also be a retired banker with knowledge and contacts, or an accountant willing to help a start-up. These are valuable assets for any country facing Brexit, and the need to succeed in the new world order.


Join the UK’s first Experience Network and offer your knowledge, skills, energy, ideas and experience to companies seeking these benefits.

A great company resource

It does not matter where you are based in the UK, if you need to access skills, for a few hours per month or more, from individuals that have energy and work ethics, this is cost saving and productive for most companies. Don’t throw the older generation away, they have what you need to survive.

Membership is open to all UK adults who have retired, but are not yet ready to stop breathing.

The UK Experience Network

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Now use your life experiences to earn a new income and stay young.  You could also start a local business network in your area, to support local businesses.

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