Time to retire?

Time to retire? Not yet.

Retirement can be one of the most interesting and productive parts of your life. Have you every considered that retired people now make up a very substantial part of the voting population. They normally have an interest in their local community and country, and make an effort to vote. Just the type of  conscientious staff that companies need. It is time that retired people put pressure on their local MP, more support for elderly people, with a lifetime of experience and skills, willing to to help others.

Retirement can be fun if you are healthy and have a reasonable income. If you are healthy but need a increased income, maybe the Experience Network can help. Time to retire is when you want to take it easy, for many people this is the day they stop living.


Perhaps a retired business community that met once month and offered to help any company, would also be a source of pride and provide help to boost incomes. Brexit and cuts in social care may increase the pressure to boost retirement income, time to take action. Maybe our Network can be the first step in a long and profitable life.

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