Network Experience

Business skills and knowledge

A selection of business network experience categories for individuals and companies to consider. This list is being updated frequently. Network Experiences can cover just about any facet of live. You may have also noticed that some of the best films now on release, star the more mature actors. Age should be considered an asset, not a liability.

Why Network?

We all live our lives in contact with other people. This can a be private network of family and friends, a business network of colleagues and companies, or a network like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc. It can also be a local club or association or just local people.

What is your Network Experience?

Financial Skills.

For many companies, from a one person to a medium sized company, the financial side is often handled by a local accountant or a book keeper within the company. It is a legal requirement to present accounts yearly, and in a prescribe format. The same goes for VAT accounts. But as always, there is the need for advice, suggestions and guidance.

This is where members of the Experience Network can excel. Life spent in the financial area, with knowledge, contacts, can provide some important points to consider. You may need a temporary person for a specific requirement, if they live in your area, this is good for both parties.

Sales and Selling.

The are many different areas to “Sales”. It is certain that selling has already started, or you would not be in business. Perhaps selling is your strong point and you need other areas to help grow your business. It could be that selling is a matter of a few phone calls to local companies, an ad in the local classified section of a newspaper, or an on the road sales rep.

But every company now needs a website that also sells. Members in this section, have a range of skills, could a few hours per week making sales calls, or as a partner when making a sales pitch, maybe just to answer all the incoming sales inquiry emails.


Sales and Marketing are often handled by the same person within a small company, but it fact they are two totally different areas. Marketing prepares the ground for sales to happen, and can cover many areas, from publishing newsletters, managing exhibitions, producing literature, training telephone staff.

Sometimes an independent view of a marketing plan from somebody with knowledge and experience, can make all the difference. When at exhibitions or trade shows, you could consider having extra staff in the office to support enquires.

Business Management.

An interesting area for many companies. There are very many consultancy companies that will do just about everything, from planning a computer system and software to organising incentives, and building layouts. A small company does not need this high level and high costs.

Technical Experience.

Many new products are great, but there is always room for improvement. An independent evaluation or review can save countless hours and expense.

Web Skills, Military, Design

Maybe there are not many retired web designers at the moment, but it is already a growing area of skills which could be useful to a company. I provide a range of ideas and solutions for companies with an existing website, having used the Internet since the early days of 1996. Yes I am retired , 75 and enjoy helping small firms with web requirements That’s why I created this site.


Sounds strange, but there is a wealth of country knowledge and security skills, which might be needed when exporting to certain countries


Design covers such a wide area. Maybe as a company you need a colour co-ordinator, or have a product for disabled people, a range of soft drinks, design covers these areas

Teachers, Authors, etc.

Retired teachers have a wealth of knowledge, depending on their background, from working with children, school management, to university professors. Need business style letters, or a press release, a letter to a Bank or local Chamber of Commerce, getting it right can make all the difference.

Fire, Police, Medical, Local Government

A small companies business premises need to meet certain local government laws for fire exits, drills, and maintain a record book, etc. Maybe the number of toilets, and disabled parking areas has to be thought about. First Aid courses. There is a lot to know. Hiring somebody with the skills need can be highly beneficial and cost effective.

Web Design, Blogging, Mystery Shopping etc.

There are many people with a wide range of skills that can prove useful to any company. Maybe Javascript, mySQL, PHP, HTML. When you need somebody for a few hours, most companies are just not interested. It is well known that using a Blog can be a major factor in increasing the numbers of visitors to a website.

A mature person often has the time, that a company does not. Hire an independent knowledgeable person to review your website, and see what the customer see’s.

National and International

There could be many reasons why you might like use an Experience Network member. Could be you are planning a sales trip and just don’t have time to research your destination, local customs, hotels, foods, and maybe a few local words. Somebody that has been there can provide insider knowledge.


Could prove useful for correspondence, telephone, proof reading of documents etc.

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